Central Asia (Bi-Annual)


75Area Study Center, (Russia, China and Central Asia), University of Peshawar was established under a Parliamentary Act (No. XLV) in 1975. This is a research cum academic institution dedicated to conduct across the border research and analysis on its area of study. During the last thirty years, the Center has established it’s self as a befitting set of learning and research on its area of study. Initially the Center was mandated to work only on Central Asia, however, later on it was assigned on work on Russian and China as well. The main purpose of the Center is to engage high level teaching and research, train researcher through its M.Phil and PhD programmes, promote cooperation in inter disciplinary relationship with other research and teaching institutions, hold conferences, seminars and refreshers courses for the development of teaching and research particularly on its area of study. The Center, funded by the federal government and supervised by a board of the governors, is academically linked to the University of Peshawar, Pakistan.

Areas Study Center has been publishing its biannual journal “Central Asia” since 1979 uninterrupted. Opinions and views expressed in articles published in this journal are exclusively those of the author and should not be attributed to the center. Articles published in this journal can be reproduced or quoted, but properly acknowledging the source.